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What’s keeping you
awake at night?

At Blaze FSM, we help financial service organisations reach their customers amidst ongoing regulatory change and disruptive digitisation.

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Our team has the expertise to meet these challenges, and the creativity to deliver real competitive advantage for your business.

Working with robust systems and compliance-ready content, our approach navigates a changing landscape and makes it work for you.

Is your brand
engaging effectively...

…amidst the pressures of regulation?

With content-led marketing at the heart of our approach, we know that having robust systems in place to deal with ever increasing regulation is key.

Are you GDPR Compliant?

Are your Commuications, website, cookie policies and Databases GDPR compliant?

Utilising the power of a strong, compliant data pool can be a great opportunity or a serious problem; which do you prefer?

We can help
you address
areas such as:

Content +

What systems do you have in place to deal with new regulations?

How are you measuring content effectiveness?

Is it working hard or languishing in obscurity?

Risk +

Are you set up to thrive in the age of digital distress, or are you in danger of being left behind?

Is your digital footprint accurate and what does it say about the business?

Remember, it isn’t just how you look but how you interact that matters.

FinTech +

Are you on the front foot when it comes to innovation?

Whether you are deploying or not deploying, you need a clear position and a strong message that tells its own story.

How compelling is your platform?

Is your message clear?

Data +

How is your data being stored and who’s ‘owning’ it?

Do you know what your marketing company is doing with your data?

How are you set up to deal with data and GDPR Regulations (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR blog

specialist skills

Integrated campaign strategy & execution

Whether you need to launch a new product or drive more inbound enquiries for existing services, everything depends upon the quality of your strategy and execution.

With extensive industry experience we have the tools and resources to build and deploy fully integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Reputation management

If you aren’t out there engaging with your target audience and showing (not telling!) what it is that sets your business apart, how do you have any control?

Our team of bloggers, journalists, data-analysts and digital storytelling experts are on-hand to make sure that your best side is always the most visible one.

Brand elevation

Does your brand consistently reflect your business, elevating it across all channels and devices?

Our branding consultants and graphic artists work with leading financial institutions to ensure that their brand is sharp, on-message and effective; wherever it’s seen.

Exhibitions and events

When it comes to industry events, do you stand out or blend in with the masses? Exhibitions and Events sit at the very core of what we do.

Our international experience in this field is invaluable, as is our ability to blend the physical with the digital to ensure an integrated experience.

your digital footprint

Before we start working work with you, we undertake an audit of your current footprint. Our aim is to build a full and detailed understanding of your digital brand presence.

This provides us with a clear picture of your reach, engagement and presence across critical digital channels.

Above all we want to sense check every single stage of your customer journey and ask: is this contributing to or detracting from sales?

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