We’re seeing many of our clients wanting to try out new marketing communications tools. One of the most popular at the moment is SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. We’ve been offering this service for years now, and without wanting to blow our own trumpet we’re pretty darn good. Many clients come to Blaze wanting to improve […]Continue Reading


Agency life is a fast paced, exciting environment to be in and you never know what’s coming your way next, we’re creating this blog so that you can take a sneaky peek into the daily life of your favourite marketing communications agency.Continue Reading


As you may know, this year we set ourselves a new year’s challenge to practice what we preach and get busy with the blogging. Now after two months of blogging we thought we’d share our beginner’s findings with you.Continue Reading


Clients often come to us to ask how they can get the most from their direct mail campaigns so we’ve compiled our 6 steps to direct mail for you. 1 Effective Data Data is paramount to a successful direct mail campaign. It doesn’t matter how effectively the letter was written or how cleverly designed your […]Continue Reading


Any marketer’s job description requires ‘a skilled multitasker’, somebody who is able to work on many projects at once, who can do many things at once. I’m sure I’m not alone in enjoying working in this way, it makes me feel efficient, it makes me feel capable and it makes me feel in control… most of the time!Continue Reading


Working in an agency has taught me the true value of a good brief. But how can it get the client a better price for their marketing communciation materials?Continue Reading


Copywriting is a job that most marketers are asked to do, and in many cases without much training or experience. Luckily, it just so happens that recently I learnt a useful trick to help produce engaging copy relevant to your target market.Continue Reading


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So you’ve spent weeks and weeks preparing your website and it’s ready to go live. But… STOP!! Here is our checklist of key points you should consider before asking your web developers to set your new site live.Continue Reading


We had an interesting conversation with a client last week and during it he posed a question that got me stumped – what’s the difference between marketing and sales?Continue Reading