Are your communications coordinated?

Much corporate marketing is fragmented. The problem with carrying out single, isolated activities is that work and money are wasted, impact is limited and benefits are reduced. Everything works much better if you have an integrated strategy, where each marketing component works harder, across several channels, and there is synergy between all facets of your marketing.

Is your brand identity powerful enough to compete?

It’s also essential to ensure that branding guidelines are followed consistently across all communications, so that the brand values and personality are maintained. But before you can do that, you need to establish the right brand values and personality. We can help you with that.

Is your website working hard enough for you?

The secret of successful integration is to regard your website as a digital communication hub – the focal point for your marketing. By taking this viewpoint, you will be better motivated to synchronise your communications. So, for example, you won’t simply insert a sales video onto your website; you will also promote the video by using carefully planned coverage across a variety of communication media (including off-line as well as on-line) to ensure maximum awareness of the video, and drive traffic to your website.

Are you using the most appropriate marketing channels?

The relentless expansion in communication channels makes it very difficult to keep up, and to know where it’s best to focus your efforts.

Are printed brochures, press adverts and exhibitions a waste of money, or are they still relevant? Is Near Field Communication only for huge brands, or can it work for smaller organisations as well? Should you be posting on Pinterest as well as LinkedIn? Could you use 3D printing for marketing purposes? Could a microsite be a useful marketing tool for you? Would your brand benefit from a smartphone app? Is your SEO thorough enough? Are you exploiting the full potential of the social media sales funnel? Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with some of these; we’ll soon enlighten you about the emerging ways to gain increased returns on your marketing investment.

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