A leading UK safety glove manufacturer, tasked us with creating a new campaign to increase awareness and generate sign ups for their hand protection assessment survey courses, targeting health and safety managers across a wide range of industries. They wanted a campaign alerting their audience to the potential horrors of hand injuries and the benefit of hand protection assessment surveys. A good strategy to grow sales by promoting the benefits of the Polyco range to fill gaps highlighted by the surveys.

What we did

With the health and safety press and digital media channels saturated with the same old product images and technical speak, the Blaze creative team soon realised the key to this campaign was to actually make a drama out of a crisis. The subject matter lent itself well to high drama using bold, graphic, colloquial language and a smattering of gore to grab the attention. We delivered the message through trade Press, online advertising, and E mail marketing campaigns.

The outcome

Long-lasting partnerships are built with businesses who know that a proven and accredited product has a reliable support service behind it. The campaign was a great success with the courses being oversubscribed by over 200% – generating real opportunities for the sales team.

Client’s comment

“Throughout the creative process Blaze sought to understand our business model, providing us with a highly original series of communications which complemented our business and competitive environment.”Mark Mastrangelo, Customer Engagement Manager, Polyco Ltd