Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Blaze blog. We want to use this space to share with you the daily workings of your favourite marketing communications agency. We’ll not only keep you up to date with what we’re doing, but also share interesting information and top tips we’ve come across along the way.

As you may know, agency life is a fast paced, exciting environment to be in and you never know what’s coming your way next, one day we may be designing an advert for a national delivery service and the next, organising an event for a multi-national company.

No two days are the same – the only thing you can rely upon is that it’s going to be unexpected, and most probably needed yesterday!

Luckily we all thrive on a challenge and work our best under tight deadlines, therefore we’re a happy bunch who take a real pride in producing great marketing communications for our lovely clients.

As you know social media is a two way street, please feel free to join in with the banter or if you feel shy, just pop us a quick hello. You can follow us on Twitter (@Blaze_Group) and Linkedin or subscribe to our Blog RSS feed.

But most importantly – please stay in touch!

This entry was written by Natalie Smith, Account Manager.

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