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Brand Marketing Strategies in 2022 | Blaze Communication

Who do you think you are? From a marketing perspective it’s an interesting question. Most businesses we speak to have an answer but it’s not always upper most in their thinking. They will instead be more interested in what they do as a business and want to focus their sales and marketing efforts on relaying… Read more »

How to use Account Based Marketing for better ROI

You may have heard of the term ‘Account Based Marketing’ and dismissed it as sales and marketing jargon, but there is a reason why it is becoming so popular: Return on Investment. In these unprecedented times, anything that we can do to be more effective in business cannot be disregarded. So, with that in mind,… Read more »

Why the smart money is on Conversion Optimisation to deliver better outcomes

Getting the right traffic to your site is crucial, but what happens once it gets there?  Whether its preventing lead-form abandonment; streamlining the customer journey or simply doing more to keep the customers you already have with better content; conversion optimisation can drive more sales and deliver better results than any amount of pay-per-click advertising.… Read more »

Fintech content marketing trends for 2020

Establishing trust is one of the hardest challenges a fintech brand faces. Convincing people to place their faith in someone else to manage their money isn’t easy. This natural scepticism must be bridged if you are to succeed, and one of the most effective ways to do this is via an industry leading content marketing… Read more »

Content Marketing will grow, but only the best will thrive

Thinking about how to attract more inbound enquiries to your business via digital channels? As part of our series of blogs covering hot marketing trends for 2019, we’re covering some of the best tactics you can employ throughout the year to achieve just that. Our last one ‘Why brand building will give you the best… Read more »

Why brand building will give you the best marketing ROI

We all need timely solutions in today’s competitive marketplace, but the pressure to drive inbound enquiries can often lead to short-term strategies that ultimately fail to deliver. Investing in your digital presence is crucial but doing this without first challenging and interrogating your brand is a classic mistake. Your brand is more than just a… Read more »