Why the smart money is on Conversion Optimisation to deliver better outcomes

Getting the right traffic to your site is crucial, but what happens once it gets there?  Whether its preventing lead-form abandonment; streamlining the customer journey or simply doing more to keep the customers you already have with better content; conversion optimisation can drive more sales and deliver better results than any amount of pay-per-click advertising.

Here’s why… 

Conversion rate optimization, known as CRO for short, focusses on getting more visitors to convert into leads or sales on your website or app.

A team of specialists analyse your visitors’ current behaviour then make a series of recommendations to improve and streamline the customer journey.

The ideas are then tested using special A/B testing software before any improvements and changes are rolled out.

It’s a smart process because it essentially teaches you how to do more with the traffic you already have, from increasing sales to generating more revenue per visitor and encouraging customer loyalty.

With digital marketing getting more and more competitive, it’s no surprise that ambitious brands are quick to realise its potential. CRO has become an increasingly standard part of the integrated marketing mix in 2019 and this is set to continue in 2020.

Why should I be focussing on CRO now?

While CRO is usually about driving sales and conversions, it can actually help your business in a while series of ways.

#1 Attention spans are getting shorter

We all need to future proof our businesses, and with the first members of Generation Z reaching maturity we need to recognise that attention spans are diminishing all the time.

This isn’t meant to be rude, it’s simply a fact that a lifetime of instant access to smartphones has created a more impatient consumer.

Today’s online shopper wants a quick, seamless experience. If you aren’t delivering that you could lose their lifetime value forever.

#2 Traffic acquisition is getting more expensive

Old school tactics like PPC are getting more expensive; social media is struggling to deliver the traffic volumes it once promised; organic traffic is growing but needs sustained energy and investment in SEO. In short, getting them to your digital door is harder than it used to be.

With that in mind it simply makes commercial sense to invest in CRO and avoid all those wasted sales opportunities.

#3 Google is watching you

As we just mentioned, traffic is getting harder to come by. What you may not know is that Google publicly acknowledges that it uses data from its own platforms to measure what happens to the traffic it sends your way.

The more time they spend on your site, the more pages they view and the more it is deemed that the user is satisfied with your website, the more likely it is to send you traffic in the future.

A good bounce rate, good engagement and high conversions are a sure-fire pathway to better SEO.

#4 You’ll get to know your customers better

Understanding your target market online will do more than increase sales. Having an insight into what literally makes your customers click can have huge knock-on effects for the rest of your business.

From offline marketing activity to product design, the results gleaned from a good CRO campaign can pay enormous long-term dividends.

#5 You’ll perform better than your competitors

Getting in before the competition and working hard to create a seamless web experience will establish your brand in a positive light. Once you have the reputation for incredible User Experience, the word of mouth rewards can be vast.

Especially with Millennials and Gen Z’ers, the power of a great web experience brings great rewards. But equally, those that neglect their customers’ experiences will suffer dire consequences.

Today, more than ever, this stuff really matters.

In summary

Digital marketing comes in many forms, but all essentially boil down to the process of driving traffic to your website. CRO is about the process of making sure the right things happen when they get there.

Expect CRO to grow (sorry!) in 2020. With more tools being made available and increasing expertise out there it the market, the value it can offer your brand is potentially immeasurable.

To find out more about Conversion Optimisation speak to one of our team today and we will be happy to help you on the start of a new and exciting journey into the minds of your customers.