Email is a great medium for marketers – low cost, quick responses and easily trackable – what’s not to like?

These benefits are not going unnoticed – we’re seeing clients relying on email marketing more and more. We’ve successfully launched almost 100 eshots this year and there’s no signs of slowing down! Whether it be monthly updates to customers, launching new products or customer feedback, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that this kind of communication is only gaining in popularity.

However. Whilst we are all certain email marketing has many positives, these can also be it’s downfall. As a fast-response medium clients are often keen to push emails out quickly so that the reponses can be benefitted from immediately. There is certainly logic to this thinking, but it’s a dangerous approach if you haven’t got the time to properly proof it.

We’ve all seen emails delivered in to our in-boxes with misspelt subject lines (horrifying!), links that don’t work (painful!) or just plain broken (ahhh!) and immediately dismiss the brand thinking ‘if they can’t be bothered to get their message right, I can’t be bothered to read it’.

So how do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? And how do you avoid alienating your key audience with a single misspelt word? Check, check, check. And if you think you’ve checked it as much as you can…just check it one more time. And then ask someone else to check it.

To help you complete your pre-launch proofing process we’ve created a check list of key items to keep you out of hot water:

  1.     Has all the copy been proofed?
  2.     Is your call to action clear?
  3.     Are you using the correct data?
  4.     Is the subject line correct?
  5.     Is the ‘from’ information correct?
  6.     Are the key messages are visible even if the recipient’s email client doesn’t download the images?
  7.     Has a text version been created?
  8.     Has the text version been formatted?
  9.     Does every link work?
  10.     Is there a mirror page link? (ie if you can’t see the below please click here to view it online)
  11.     Is there an opt out option? (this is a legal requirement on marketing emails)
  12.     Have the company registration details been included? (also a legal requirement)

If you follow these simple checking points prior to sending out an email campaign you’ll reduce the risk of nasty surprises significantly and avoid the shame of having to send out a second eshot immediately apologising for mistakes in the first.

We hope this check list proves useful – happy emailing!

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