Refine your twitiquette – Top Ten Twitter Tips for businesses

I just got finished setting up a brand spanking new Twitter account for a lovely client and it got me thinking about how much I’ve learned about using Twitter for marketing. From managing client’s accounts to managing our own, at Blaze we’re all well versed on the finer details of ‘twitiquette’ so I thought I’d share some of our discoveries with you, starting with our (drumroll!)…

Top Ten Twitiquette tips:

  1. Make yourself pretty! Let people see you’ve made an effort, don’t make your followers talk to a faceless egg! Get a picture or logo up on your account, choose a suitable background and hone that bio to show your company off as the best that you can be.
  2. Tweet regularly – Twitter is a demanding mistress and to benefit from the rewards it offers you need to visit regularly and often! People are unlikely to follow your account if your last tweet was 6 months ago.
  3. Engage – social media is designed to be just that, social! Think of it like a date, would you want to be involved with someone who only talked about themselves and never engaged in proper conversation? Of course not, once you start engaging with people, rather than just ‘talking’ at them you’ll reap the true benefits of Twitter.
  4. Check your grammar – it’s imperative that businesses use good grammar on Twitter. That simple tweet could be your first impression to a lucrative new client, if they see you making mistakes when working with just with 140 characters, chances are they’ll not want to trust their business with you.
  5. Don’t just sell – you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger in the supermarket and shout down his ear about your great product, why would you do so online?
  6. Don’t get obsessed with numbers – don’t worry about follower numbers, yes it is very flattering to be one of the most popular people at the party, but the fun of Twitter is the journey in building up an interesting network of like-minded people, not sitting and admiring your follower count.
  7. Keep it professional – when you’re sitting on your sofa, glass of wine in hand, it’s so easy to forget that you’re representing your company. Never tweet anything you wouldn’t say to a client… or your boss!
  8. Share information – Twitter is all about sharingn so share links to relevant industry information that you found useful as it will benefit others too, just don’t forget to make sure that the link works!
  9. Retweet – sharing interesting tweets from your timeline with followers is not only useful for them, but also helps you to build relationships with fellow twitterers.
  10. Remember your manners – just as you would say thank you in the real world, don’t forget to say thank you in the Twitterverse when you receive help or are retweeted.

We’d love to hear if you have any tips we’ve not mentioned above, leave a comment below or reply to us by tweet (@Blaze_Group) – See you in Twitter!

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