Before I came to do work experience at Blaze, I only thought of social networking websites as a way of communication with friends, catching up with people from the past or just sharing photos & what you’re doing. But little did I know that there is a huge benefit that social networking sites can bring to companies and businesses


I have never looked at Facebook as anything but a website where you share photos, write about what you’re doing, speak/message friends and wish people happy birthday. But during my work experience at Blaze Communication. I’ve learnt that Facebook is also used to promote companies’ events, products and show clients/customers what the company does.

Many companies make ‘groups’ and ‘pages’ so people can like or join them and keep up to date with what the company is doing. For instance; Snappy Snaps, a photo editing company have a Facebook page where they share photos they have edited for customers and share things that are going on in their company.


I’ve always thought of Twitter as a website where you can follow celebrities and (if you’re lucky) get them to reply/follow or retweet you, as well as it being somewhere you can share what you’re doing and see what others are doing as well. But for businesses and companies, it’s completely different!

It seems that Twitter is almost the company introducing themselves. You see a company’s twitter page, and want to find out more, so you find their facebook page and have a further look into what they do. If you’re certain you want to buy from or have any further relations with this company, you can continue to call, visit their website, email or visit the business’ building itself!

My Opinion of Adverts.

When I first began on Facebook, I always thought advertisements were a waste of space and annoying. Now I no longer notice them because I’ve become so used to seeing them on the side of my screen. Advertisements on Facebook tend to take up just a small side of the righthand side of the screen. Which may mean they don’t get on most peoples nerves but are hardly seen, nor heard.

I think these types of adverts that linger on the side of your screen are the best for promoting businesses. Normally if an advert appears on my screen I instantly delete it and don’t pay any attention because I think of it as a nuisance. Whereas the advertisements used on Facebook are quiet but also bold and noticeable.

After getting out of my usual habit of not paying attention to any adverts on Facebook, I can’t stop noticing them! I can see how they use colours and short sentences summing up what they’re advertising to attract customers and have been drawn into a few myself!

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