Plain sailing – why exhibitions are still great for your business

Before the rise of the ‘pop-up’ store, there was the trade show. Attending the Southampton Boat Show last week highlighted the scale of the effort involved in creating significant trade venues and their importance to business.

Despite the rise of technology, trade exhibitions offer businesses that long-valued human interaction of meeting face to face and ‘walking the hall’. It’s something you can’t achieve just using Skype or SharePoint – and making sure that marketing campaigns are brought to life is a question of clear communication.

Whatever size or dimension of stand, having the right formula – engaged staff, a clear proposition and signage, memorable messaging – are as important as having a great website. It also helps if you put yourself in the shoes of the visitor, as you would plan an online experience. Is your product information accessible and simple to grasp? Does your business look open to conversation, ideas and client challenges?

Success comes from more than banners and boiled sweets.

Our client, Towergate Insurance, is a leading insurer for the global sailing business community and our task was to make sure that every detail was right on the stand that Blaze had produced – every angle, nut and bolt of their investment at the show. A good deal of behind-the-scenes preparation and teamwork goes into making a successful exhibition display. We never take it for granted that everything will just magically come together – and it’s all part of an integrated approach.

A client impressed with the level of support from Blaze along with lovely feedback made the day all the more rewarding for us.

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