Month: September 2014

Plain sailing – why exhibitions are still great for your business

Towergate Insurance exhibition and display solutions by Blaze Communication

Before the rise of the ‘pop-up’ store, there was the trade show. Attending the Southampton Boat Show last week highlighted the scale of the effort involved in creating significant trade venues and their importance to business. Despite the rise of technology, trade exhibitions offer businesses that long-valued human interaction of meeting face to face and… Read more »

12 simple tips for stress-free email marketing

Email marketing tips

Email is a fantastic medium for the marketer, low in cost, fast responses and easily trackable – what’s not to like? Yet, although this medium has many advantages, its immediacy can often be its downfall.

How to deliver a killer marketing brief

How to write a killer marketing brief

Follow our ten points to producing a killer brief and not only are you likely to get marketing communications that live up to your campaign aspirations, you’ll get it quicker and therefore, most likely, cheaper!