People are calling it “mobilegeddon” – the move by Google to recognise when a site is responsive.

If a site is not “mobile friendly” (mostly means responsive, ie. adapts for both small and large devices), it will be ranked lower starting from today (April 21st).

This is how a result will show on mobile devices:

(Image from

If a device is not mobile friendly, it will get a lower ranking, even, it seems, on desktop searches.

Other resources:

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This webmaster says his website traffic is already declining as a result:

Downward trend for this U2 fan website

Even The Mirror has a feature on it:

“Internet experts have warned controversial changes to Google’s search engine system could create a “Mobilegeddon” which may destroy small websites.

From now on, Google will favour web pages which are optimised for viewing on mobile devices, sending them to the top of its search results.”

Blaze have already been successfully delivering responsive websites to our clients and stand ready to tackle the mobile digital revolution.

We are encouraging all our clients and contacts to change their websites as soon as possible.