Brand Authority

Brand Authority; the No1 SEO metric you need to know about Getting discovered by people on Google has always been a slightly mysterious affair. Some swear by it and others see it as nothing more than the ultimate snake oil from the marketeer’s apothecary. The bottom line, however, is that high volumes of targeted traffic… Read more »

Will your brand withstand the ‘Big Squeeze’ stress test?

With UK households facing another squeeze on their incomes, money will be on everyone’s mind in 2018. The rise in cost-conscious consumers, coupled with more and more disruptive financial services technologies, means that – for some – harvesting new business will be a bigger challenge than ever. So, with the Big Squeeze upon us, what… Read more »

Is your business ready for its biggest challenge yet?

The Financial Services industry is facing an era of unprecedented disruption and, as our research shows, most firms are ill-equipped to meet the challenge. The bottom line: Marketing has changed more in the last two years than it has in the previous 50. To make matters worse, technology is moving at such a pace that… Read more »


Enfield’s manufacturing heritage has long been part of our DNA MFM (marketing for manufacturing) is one of the core specialisms we offer. It’s based on our long and proud association with Enfield and its illustrious manufacturing past. We’re not just talking the talk. We are one of a handful of integrated marketing agencies to have… Read more »

The Top Five SEO Myths of 2016

Are you confused about SEO? You’re not alone. It seems that every year the job of understanding how to get the best out of your websites becomes harder. From endless Google updates to a whole avalanche and conflicting thoughts and opinion online, many businesses simply don’t know which way to turn when it comes to… Read more »