Being sensible account manger types, we’re rather partial to managing direct mail projects as they pander to our tastes for procedure, checking and obsessive spreadsheet completion. And it seems we’ve been pleasing the marketing Gods with our efforts, as this summer we’ve been rewarded with more DM campaigns than usual.

We’ve got through 20 mail merged documents in the last few days and we’re seeing merge fields in our sleep! But these small projects have served to highlight the benefit of direct communications with niche sections of your customer base.

Our clients have been making their customers feel loved by targeting small sections of their client base and preparing messages that are particularly relevant to them. These have ranged from service updates, magazine packs and for some particularly lucky recipients of United Trust Bank’s Coffee Club, Nespresso coffee and financier biscuits (financier, finance – get it?! We thought it was clever…). It doesn’t matter that the messages being sent are small, the customers on the receiving end know that what is being sent has been tailored with them in mind showing that they really matter.

So next time you’re preparing your customer communications, remember “One size doesn’t fit all, think small to see big results!”. Don’t just blanket mail all your data with one homogeneous message, think small to see big results!

Why not check out one of our most recent direct mail projects? We were asked to create a DM piece to raise customer awareness and increase sales of food preparation attachments for the Kenwood Chef machine. We worked hard to come up with a creative and functional mailing piece, and ended up with a really good result. Happy client = Happy Blaze!

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