How to get YouTube videos to outrank your competition

YouTube is the World’s 2nd largest search engine after Google, with over a billion monthly users. More than 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute, so getting your video seen above other similar ones does take a bit of experience.

How to get YouTube videos to outrank your competition

How can you optimise your videos to help them rank above your competitors for similar search terms? If you want to give them the best chance of being found then we recommend that you make sure that not only are your videos optimised properly, but your channel also.

YouTube Channel optimisation

A common error when trying to rank videos on YouTube is not optimising your channel. Firstly you want to work out what your main keyword phrase is. So something like ‘project management’ would be a good name for your channel if you are going to be making lots of videos around this topic.

If the name isn’t available then you could always add your brand name or another word. So ‘Project Management with Blaze Communication’ would be a good choice. Another tip would be to add a geographical location phrase such as ‘Project Management in Bristol’.

It’s really that simple.

Upload your Videos Correctly

Here are some quick pro tips for uploading your videos in a way that will help them actually rank higher.

Pro tip 1: Use your keyword in the file name when saving your video.

This makes a big difference. When saving videos to your hard drive think about what you want it to appear for and use the main keyword (DO NOT OVERDO IT – 1 or 2 only!)

Pro tip 2: Use all 60-66 characters in the title and add your primary keyword

This seems fairly obvious but is amazing how many people ignore this simple rule.

Pro tip 3: Write a killer description

Write a 250 word description for your video. Don’t cut corners. Include your main and related keywords sporadically throughout, but again do not stuff it with keywords. We recommend adding a main keyword once for every 100 words we write.

We’ve tested whether or not having your main keyword in the first line of the description helps. Our results show that over 80% of the time it does, so try and include it, if it makes sense.

Also, if you have a website that you are promoting, make sure you point people to the specific URL/page of your website within the description, not just the main domain.

Choosing the Right Category

Categories are very important for getting your videos found. If you are having trouble deciding which ones will work best try this simple trick:

Type your main keyword into YouTube and check out the top ranking video. Then pick the category the top ranking video has chosen.

Another killer trick is to add all your main/related keywords to the bottom of your description box. Do this by adding one per line. It really works! You can also add these keywords to the tag section below the description box.

Local Videos

Local videos give you even more options, allowing you to provide YouTube specific information so they can rank you in the area that you want your videos shown. Here’s how:

Go to Advance Settings and…

  • Set the date for when the video was taken.
  • Add your postcode to the video location box and click search. Then place the pointer on the map to the exact location where your office is or where the video was shot.
  • In the description box add your Google+ URL (if you have one) as well as adding your business name, address and phone number in the exactly same wording you have used for either your Google+ listing or any other listing in directories you have added your business to.
  • If you do have your business listed in other directories make sure the wording is identical across the Internet.

Follow these simple tips and your videos will perform much better in YouTube and should lead to greater views and more engagement.

There are other things to consider, but doing this will give you an instant advantage over your competitors if they are not following these basic tips.

Of course, the main thing that will get you views is amazing content. If your videos are badly made and boring no amount of YouTube wizardry is going to make them a success, but these rules do work so start applying them to your videos now and watch to see if you begin getting more views. And let us know how you get on!

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