When faced with a blank page Word document and the challenge of producing web copy for SEO and it’s tempting to pull out your latest brochure and cut and paste the content onto your website.

This is certainly the easiest way of producing web copy but unfortunately, it’s also the wrong way!

Unlike your brochure, your web copy needs to perform for two audiences; i) it must be effective sales copy that compels potential customers to purchase your products or services and ii) it must be search engine friendly copy that encourages Google to rank your website as high as possible.

So, how do you go about keeping both your customers and search engines happy with your website content?  Here are our top tips…

  • Be short and sweet – visitors have a tendency to skim read websites, so write copy with short sentences paragraphs and clear headings and sub-headings to help them locate the information they’re looking for.
  • Avoid jargon – don’t scare off potential clients with complicated language or industry jargon, your objective isn’t to wow visitors with your accomplished writing style, it’s to engage them with relevant information. In journalism this method of starting with your conclusion is called the Inverted Pyramid style.
  • Use up front copy – visitors don’t usually read to the bottom of a web page, so make sure you structure your text in a useful way by prioritizing the information you want them to hear at the beginning of each page or paragraph.
  • Keep it keyword rich – keywords are the words that visitors put into a search engine to find your website.  Google ‘crawls’ your website and compares it to others, putting those it deems to be most relevant at the top of the page. Therefore, if you sell candles, make sure that your website mentions candles frequently!

We hope this helps – happy writing!

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