We’re seeing many of our clients wanting to try out new marketing communications tools. One of the most popular at the moment is SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

We’ve been offering this service for years now, and without wanting to blow our own trumpet we’re pretty darn good.

Many clients come to Blaze wanting to improve their search engine rankings, all hoping to achieve that magical goal – Google ranking number one. What many people don’t realise is that a promise of obtaining that golden position is easily made. We’re regularly phoned by so called ‘SEO experts’ guaranteeing the premier Google ranking. How do they do it? Well, how does ranking position one for ‘solicitors in orange socks’ sound?

The key is not just to get to position one, it’s to get to position one for the search terms your customers are putting into Google.

That’s where we come in, delivering SEO SOS! We work hard with you to understand not only your business, but to learn how your customers perceive your business. Once this is established we settle in for the long haul as climbing up those rankings is similar to climbing a mountain, you can’t just run up it on your first day – a long-term commitment is required. There has to be a much preparation and many small baby steps. Yet before you know it, there you are at the top admiring the view.

But do you know what the best news of all is? We’re willing to be your pack horse! We’ll put in all the hard work and preparation for you – you can just come along for the ride!

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